We started beeding Cavapoos in 2010 after breeding pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for more than 10 years previously.

Our decision to replace our old Cavalier Stud dog with a young Poodle Stud dog was made after seeing a litter of Cavapoo puppies bred "accidentally" many years ago by a friend of ours. This was before the current trend towards cross-breeds. My friends initial disappointment at producing a "mongrel" litter soon turned to joy as the puppies grew into stunning little bundles of fun. Needless to say, he had absolutely no trouble in finding good homes for them all!


Our current Cavapoo breeding girls were bred from our original pure-bred (and Health Tested) Cavalier Spaniels and our pure-bred Miniature Poodle (again Health Tested).


The puppies we produce now are a result of mating our Cavapoo girls with Ronnie (our newest KC Registered Miniature Poodle) to produce f2b and f3b dogs. These 2nd and 3rd generation Cavapoos will have really low / non shedding coats and can be trimmed into the lovely "teddy bear" shape.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Cavapoos please feel free to contact us.


f2 Cavapoo Girl
Coco - Fox Red Miniature Poodle
Reggie - KC Registered Miniature Poodle
Young male f2 Cavapoo
f2 Cavapoo
Brindle and White Cavapoos (f2)
Black Cavapoo (f1)

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